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Robert Russo

Audio Engineer for Live Events including

 Corporate & Multimedia Events, Radio & Television Broadcasts

 Theater & Concerts, Meetings & Graduations

Recording for

Record Production, Location & Sound Design for Film, Video, Dance & Theater

Audio Spectral Repair for all Audio Files Incuding audio for Music, Film & Video.

                       Robert Russo Audio Engineering


 Can Help Provide:                    Over 40 years experience

  • Sound Systems                 Sound Reinforcement Design        
  • Lighting                           Sound Reinforcement Operation
  • Video Production               Recording Production - Audio Post
  • Staging                            Audio Spectral Repair
  • Audio Consultation
  • Backline                           Event Planning - Technical
  • A/V Equipment                 
  • Wireless systems                    
Available for:

local, regional, national & international Events.

Availability on a first booked, first served basis.

                            Photo Album


Baul Samrat Purna Das & Chotton Das live sound reinforcementFish Tank Set Audio A2 with  OLN for PBR  Mohegan Sun November 2004


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